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We stock a wide range of top quality garden nutrients
Your plants are what you feed them! Whether you are involved in flower or vegetable gardening, your plants need nutrients to stay healthy and reduce disease.

Otaki Hydroponics & Garden Supplies can help you locate the right garden soil nutrients and gardening soil additives for your property and environment.

We stock a full range of quality flower and vegetable gardening nutrients

Whatever your growing needs, we are confident we have the right information and nutrients for your optimum crop yield.

Ensuring that your soil is in the best possible condition is the key to plants growing with a high nutrient value and minimising disease.

The products on our shelves are put to the test on our raised beds, hydroponic units and AutoPot units. We know these work and can advise on the best products for your use.

hungry bin worm farm
Kids love the Hungry Bin Worm Farm!Otaki Worms at work

Put simply, worm castings and worm leachate are the most basic of fertilisers and conditioners for your garden, yet they work miracles in your soil.

We stock:
  • Worms
  • Worm castings 
  • Worm leacheate

Hungry Bin - the most efficient fertiliser on the market!

Hungry Bin (designed and manufactured in NZ) is a fast and convenient method of composting your household food scraps. Incredibly efficient, this innovative product can process up to 2kgs of waste per day.

The Hungry Bin is an ideal environment for compost worms. These worms convert organic waste into castings and nutrient-rich liquid - both of which are high quality, natural fertilisers. It is simple and easy to collect both the castings and liquid produced by the bin - meaning you can get a healthy garden with minimal hassle!

On top of that - the Hungry Bin is a stylish addition to your garden. It also has wheels, making it easy to move if required. Whether you need to reduce rubbish or make the most of a consistent supply of high quality fertiliser, Hungry Bin is the perfect solution!

When you buy your Hungry Bin from us, we will give you a free pack of worms to get you started!

Wide range of hydroponic nutrients available

With an emphasis on the incredible results you can achieve with hydroponic gardening, we also stock and manufacture a wide range of hydroponic nutrients.

Please feel free to have a look through our range - or ask us for assistance.

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